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Wow ! I am amazed with the capabilities of this software. It works great on My Sony Digicam. I had converted all My Birthday videos. Now i can play these videos on my multimedia mobile phone. The best thing that i found in it that it can not reduced the audio & video quality of my video.

Thanks to the developers of HD Video Converter, now i can see my videos on my portable devices. Moreover i can change my videos to different formats to see them on different devices. You Guys are great! Thanks for making these software for us!!

HD Video Converter

HD Video Converter is a software suite that can convert high definition video files to standard video file formats like MTS, M2TS to AVI and WMV format easily.

Today there are many type of converters are available in the market that can convert audio files, video files and other multimedia files from one file format to another file format. These softwares are essential professional tools for people who want expert quality audio video formats. Software developers has made a great tool and named it as HD Video Converter. HD Video Converter allows you to edit footage from AVCHD video camera in applications like Microsoft Movie Maker or other video editing software suite on PC. It converts High Definition HD Video files and is an MTS, M2TS converter to AVI or WMV format easily like

  • MTS to AVI

  • M2TS to AVI

  • MTS to WMV

  • M2TS to WMV

Therefore the HD Video Camera files could be edited or used on Windows Media Player, Movie maker, adobe premiere, Sony Vegas & Pinnacle Studio. This software supports all the latest HD Video Cameras like Cannon, Panasonic HDC & Sony HDR etc. The Software is designed to run on Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista with at least 512MB RAM or more, Microsoft Movie Maker 2.1 or above and with Windows Media Player 11.

Complete HD video Converter Suite

For Windows - -

For Macintosh -


The Supported Video Formats by the HD Video Converter are:

  • Input Video HD, AVC, MTS, M2TS

  • Output Video AVI, WMV

Features of HD Video Converter are:

  • Easy to use Interface that converts MTS to AVI, MTS to WMV etc.
  • Supports M2TS to AVI, M2TS to WMV Converter
  • Support High-defined video to standard video conversion
  • Split audio/video tracks of HD camera video files and HD camcorder HD files
  • Decode the AVCHD video track to a YUV colorspace
  • Transcode & combine the audio/video tracks which exports a HDV1080i AVI or WMV file

If you want to get your movies off your HD Video Camera/Camcorder then with your AVC HD camcorders, you typically need to connect the HD video camera to your PC using a USB cable. Once the camcorder will be displayed on your computer as a new disk, you can now copy the movies to your PCs hard drive before using HD Video Converter. Then using the HD Video Converter, you can convert it from one to another video format. Now using the powerful HD Video Converter, you can enjoy AVC HD MTS/M2TS files on your Hard Drive and other devices like iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP and other portable digital video players & devices.

Complete HD video Converter Suite

For Windows - -

For Macintosh -


User Guide

Step by Step Guide for how to convert HD videos on Windows

Step One

Launch HD Video Converter Software and click on add files to select the files to be converted

Step Two

Output settings is then to be done as per required

Step Three

Start conversion and specify the storage location to store the output video file

Step by Step Guide for how to convert HD videos on Mac

Step one

Select add file option from the main interface which shows after the application is launched

Step Two

output settings is then to be done editing, cropping etc including the name of the output format

Step Three

Click on start button and then specify a storage location

Your files are now converted and can be played on desired device viz. iPod, iPhone etc.

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